Introducing A System

The first Adaptive Lighting System

Light, always where you need it

Revolutionize the way you distribute energy within your architectural spaces. “A” is an innovative and patented system that allows to create invisible and wall-integrated power spots where you can position quickly and safely lights and smart-devices. Just a totally new way of interacting with lighting.


Other than being an innovative and dynamic illumination system, A System by LYM revolutionizes the way we distribute electricity within residential and civil buildings.

Freely positioned and invisible power spots, indicated by small lights, reveal to users the dedicated areas for positioning and charging lamps and wireless appliances.

A totally new adaptive and dynamic concept where every light and smart device can be freely and safely moved anywhere without having to drill into the wall or connecting cables.


All you have to do is position your light on the wall indicator

A System by LYM outperforms the current concept of home and office illumination and  electricity distribution.

In line with a philosophy that guides us to simple and safe actions, A System unify in one simple gesture your lamp movement, lighting and switching off.

You just need to place the lamp near the indicator light on the wall. The lamp will get in position activating autonomously the power supply system.


The upcoming of the Artificial Intelligence Era


3 elements, infinite possibilities

Our plasterboard panel

Ether is the system’s main element. Ether is a gypsum plasterboard panel with standard dimensions and thickness (L. 1200 H. 500 Th. 12,5 mm) elaborated through a mechanical proccess. Thanks to its iron sheet, the panel, which is reinforced, can support magnetic object such as lamps and home appliances, while thanks to its integrated electronic board it can supply power to wireless-charge devices. Thanks to a smart industrialization, Ether can be installed just as a normal drywall, and it doesn’t require additional trainings or tools for the constructions professionals.

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Our lighting elements

Antares lamps are the first capsule collection by LYM. A set of 4 magnetic and wireless-charge lamps, the perfect match to your A-System. Antares lamps are equipped with  LG Fifth Generation OLED sources. Among all high-efficiency/eco-friendly lighting sources, OLEDs have the closest spectral power distribution to natural light. This creates emotional comfort and is ideal for places where natural light is unavailable or for places where quality light is needed.

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Use A System for charging your smartphone

A-System is an open product. Our Ether panels have in fact been developed taking into consideration the growing demand of wireless-charge smart devices, and the standard protocols that the major firms are implementing into their devices. A-System, with its wall-integrated and invisible energy spots in in fact much more than an innovative and adaptive lighting system, but a disruptive technology that allows users to interact freely, easily and safely with any smart device, rearranging them anytime where they are more needed.


Easy and fast

A System by LYM outperforms the current concept of home and office illumination and  electricity distribution.


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